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Candle Gifting Set (Samples + Gift Voucher)


This set of candle samples also includes a fully-paid voucher for a candle of choice. Makes a wonderful gift for a loved one, who will get to both keep this collection and also pick out their own favorite candle at their absolute leisure.


The samples themselves are not burnable candles - they are samples of wax, identical in composition to our signature candles. They can be used as room-or-drawer-freshening objects and enjoyed whenever. Bought separately, these six samples plus a 100ml candle is $64 all together, making this set a great option if you're curious about multiple candle compositions and preparing to buy, or simply if you'd like to give an immersive, special gift. 


If you'd like to use the certificate towards a larger candle, you can do that too! The included certificate will also take $34 off the price of larger candles.


We also offer a complete set of candle samples without a gift voucher.


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  1. Lovely Gift Experience 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Apr 2021

    I bought this for a friend's birthday, and the packaging was absolutely lovely! She loved the gift and I can't wait to hear about which candle she chooses to get :) Have a feeling another Goest purchase might not be too far off for myself, either !:)

  2. fun experience 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Dec 2019

    I bought this as a gift...for myself. It's hard to blind buy candles on the internet (this brand doesn't seem to be in many boutiques either), and in general I'm also a candle fanatic and could happily smell new ones all day. This set is a really fun way to both collect six super interesting smells without trial and error in buying full sizes you don't end up liking. I ended up liking 5 of the 6 in general (didn't really care for Pharmacy), and two of those five I LOVED. Pablo and Citadelle are both crazy amazing and I've never smelled anything like them. I'm redeeming my voucher for Pablo, but it was so close! I'll probably get both eventually.