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Developing a product and need some information? We can help.


Save your energy for your concept and business plan - save hundreds of hours of combing through conflicting information on the internet by talking with an expert on demand. 



What is a custom fragrance project consultation for?


Simply put? We will save you time, frustration, and expensive mistakes, no matter what point you're at in your project.


Here are some questions we can answer:


  • How do I find candle jars I can use for my custom candle project? 
  • What parts of packaging can be customized?
  • How many different products can I afford to make?
  • I have an innovative concept; how doable is it?
  • What kind of quantities do I need to buy of a finished product or subcomponent piece of packaging in order to get effective discounts? 
  • Are some things easier to customize than others?
  • What are the things that are most cost effective to customize?
  • What countries can I legally sell my product in? How can I increase the number of countries?
  • What's the difference between alcohol based, water based, oil based, and solid base perfumes? Which base should I choose, and for what reasons?
  • What kind of labeling laws exist that I should know about when designing labels and packaging?
  • How long does it take to develop a candle or fragrance? What affects the time it takes, and how can I speed this up?
  • What order should tasks be completed while pursuing the development of my product line?
  • How much money should I allocate for each part of the product?
  • What sizes are industry standard for my product?
  • Where can I find stock packaging?
  • Where can I find custom packaging?
  • I’m interested in offering an “all-natural” product. What does that mean?



Do I have to be hiring you as a fragrance developer in order to get a consultation?

No. If you do end up wanting Goest Perfumes to develop or produce your product, your consulting fee will be retroactively waived/applied towards your future project. If all you need is a conversation with an expert, that's fine too. Consultations can be requested without further commitment.



We already have some partnerships in place and some product development finished. Can I get a second opinion?

Yes, we can do a second opinion either on an existing product or one that is in development. We can sign an NDA if you'd like. 



What do I need to prepare?

We recommend you prepare by gathering the following:


  • a total budget for product, all-in (in terms of the concrete deliverable object, not including creative development or distribution architecture)
  • timelines, if applicable
  • size and quantity of product(s) you’d like to see realized


When it comes to the above parameters, vague answers or limits are radically better than none. There are so many variables at play that any information or goals helps to get you the information that will be most immediately useful and actionable.



If formulating concrete goals is still a step too far along in development and you feel as if you can’t yet formulate an educated guess, it is helpful to make list of deal breakers (i.e., “all packaging must be produced in America”) instead. 


If you have consulted with other firms, or even have existing contracts with other firms and are looking to make a switch, information of that type is also helpful so that we can build on what you already know, and advise on things you’d like to avoid in the future. 



How can I request an appointment?

Submit your information (which will remain confidential) to the form at this link. We will contact you shortly with information on whether we think we can be helpful for your project, and we will email you some additional information and terms. 


For Los Angeles area customers, you are welcome to visit our studio if you’d like an in-person visit.


Conference calls are welcome.


Thank you, and best of luck on your project!