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Custom Fragrance Development

Need fragrance development for your brand, or a custom scent for private label candles? Here is more information in detail about our private label fragrances for brands, as well as information about custom fragrances for stores, custom scents for candles, and custom scents for events. 


Why go custom?

Custom private label fragrances can expand your brand and add a touch of emotional reality to your brand identity. Private label fragrances can also be a great way to offer products at different price points to fill out your brand offering without diluting the prestige of your brand.  For brands which offer products that sell at a very high price point, a fragrance can provide an accessible entry point to your brand or store. And when it comes to one-time scent installation, custom scent development for events can also transform the experience of attendees, and make for a very unique point of emotional connection and memory. Scents are what we remember.


What we can make:

We can make custom perfumes in traditional eau de toilette or parfum formats, as well as custom oil based perfumes. We can also create custom fragrances for candles, custom fragrances for shampoo and conditioner, custom scents for body care products, and custom essential oil blends for facial oils. We also have experience and a portfolio in custom fragrance development for room and linen sprays.


Our route and approach:

A note on how we’re different: the difference between our studio services and larger mass-production companies is dramatic, and not because of company scale.  A quick way to explain: many contract fragrance production companies will only offer you a fragrance from their existing private label portfolio. If you demand additional customization or something more unique, sometimes you are given the option to mix two of their existing scents; but typically, that’s the extent of their ability to match your vision or creative direction.  The widespread use of such services explains why often consumers will encounter the same scent offered by different candle companies, under different scent names. Because of this, when developing a candle line or fragrance line, it can be very difficult to find a low-MOQ company that also does truly custom work. 


Who should email us:

If you are a brand that is looking for a low minimum quantity private label candle fragrance, but also hope to maintain a high artistic standard and uniqueness for your brand, that is our specialty.  And if you have already booked with a company offering a prefabricated custom candle scent (or other fragrance type) option, we can take a “second sniff” of your chosen scent compound, and offer a series of alterations or additions that will elevate and focus the fragrance concept closer to the fragrance you imagine for your brand, event, or design line.  


How your project is made:

We can produce your custom project in-house for liquid fragrances, or through our network of workshops for other formats. For candles, we can help you partner with companies that pour custom soy wax candles, custom coconut wax candles, and custom paraffin candles.  They do the pouring, but we can provide the unique fragrance.


Get a quotation:

For a price quotation, you can email Any detail about deadlines, scent formats (liquid, candle, room/linen, etc), your brand, and your project will help us. The higher the MOQ (minimum order quantity) you can take on, the lower price per unit we can offer, so tell us your range. Also, if you know the MSRP you need to be able to offer, we can advise the best route for your brand.


Get a consultation:

If you need advice on product development in general, we offer consulting services as well.


Looking for a custom made signature scent just for private use? 

Although this page focuses on our custom commercial scent development for brands, we do also offer private custom fragrance services for individuals. To view pricing and process for creating a bespoke signature scent, please visit the Custom Fragrance product page.