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Custom Fragrance





"There are strong perfumes for which all matter is porous. One would say they go through glass." 

Baudelaire, Fleurs du Mal


"A wise man knows cologne is the most powerful weapon in the fight for female attention."  

Marcello Mastroianni


"I like perfume and flowers."

Donatella Versace


Custom fragrance is one of the last ultimate luxuries. At Goest Perfumes, we have our own fragrance library, composition laboratory, and in-house fragrance formulator (or "nose"). This is extremely rare in the world, and rare even among fragrance houses - this gives us the capability to create something that is truly custom and composed from elemental components, instead of a semi-custom fragrance made in an hour or two out of pre-mixed accords. The latter is very commonly sold as "custom fragrance" but is far from it - and the quality is typically low-to-mid-range. We work with only professional and luxury components, and our library of raw fragrance materials includes many ingredients that are considered too expensive for commercial usage - we offer these to our luxury bespoke fragrance clients. Our custom fragrance process takes between 1 and 4 months, and involves an interview and several rounds of formulation and testing. For Los Angeles custom fragrance clients, and those who can travel to our laboratory, we administer a "smell-test".



We also can create:

  • Custom wedding fragrances and custom wedding perfumes
  • Custom designer fragrances for brands and retailers as brand flankers or individual projects
  • Bespoke colognes 
  • Fragrances for events
  • Scents for functional products (custom body washes, shampoos)
  • Custom home candles for your own home, or as a singular housewarming gift
  • Artists, designers, and producers: if you have an interesting art installation or art object proposition, please email us.


We can produce these custom fragrances for different formats, including: soap, candle, fragrance, fragranced oil, room spray, and body oil formats. 


Development of a custom signature fragrance starts at $700 USD and includes the cost of the fragrance itself. Please email us if you'd like to know more, or to put yourself on the waitlist. We can also furnish you with the ability to gift this experience to someone very special. 



Professional clients that we have worked with include:








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