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Galaxie Candle



Pom Pom candle Galaxie.png 

A cosmic miasma: intense, special, and abstract. Some of its notes reflect scientific observations: scientists have reported that outer space smells faintly of metal and raspberries. Other notes echo the pedigree of ancient cosmic symbols: the tree of life, the universal blooming rose. 


Color: Indigo

Notes: Rockrose resin, Honey, Sage.

Aspects: Cosmic, Sweet, Strange.


100ml Candle, by Volume

15 hours burn, more or less

Reusable ceramic lidded jar with hand-dyed, hand sewn wool pompom. 











Product Reviews

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  1. Surreal and Sweet 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Mar 2019

    First off, I am so impressed with the branding of this candle--truly feels like I'm spending my money on an immersive, beautiful experience. The scent itself is weirdly addictive, in that I thought it was too sweet at first, but then slowly started noticing other notes as I burned through the candle, to the point that I'm getting separation anxiety as I burn through the last of it. It is very pungent; I leave it open and let the scent waft through my bedroom, or light it for a few minutes if I want a change in the atmosphere. All in all, an absolutely delightful 15 hours in the Galaxie.

  2. demented rose 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Mar 2019

    Got this and Grand Tour as a birthday gift for myself after smelling it briefly in a shop. Five stars for uniqueness and strenght but I guess I have to give four stars for personal preference as its a bit sweet for me after more prolonged use. It's not even that sweet I just really avoid anything with any type of sweetness so this is a step away. This has a sugar note that almost reminds me of when wood gets sawed, like a burnt sugar rose. Very nice for bedroom though, because it has this dreamy coziness to it, I haven't been burning it much, just leaving the lid off at my bedside and that's enough for me. Curious about the other candle scents now!

  3. special 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Apr 2018

    Price is right for such a beautiful object. Smaller than I thought when I opened the box, but after a few days, I'm realizing that it has plenty of scent wafting powers without burning it. I leave it with its lid off on my bedroom vanity and the whole room feels special when I open the door and smell it. Love this.


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