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Galaxie Candle



Pom Pom candle Galaxie.png 

A cosmic miasma: intense, special, and abstract. Some of its notes reflect scientific observations: scientists have reported that outer space smells faintly of metal and raspberries. Other notes echo the pedigree of ancient cosmic symbols: the tree of life, the universal blooming rose. 


Color: Indigo

Notes: Rockrose resin, Honey, Sage.

Aspects: Cosmic, Sweet, Strange.


100ml Candle, by Volume

15 hours burn, more or less

Reusable ceramic lidded jar with hand-dyed, hand sewn wool pompom. 











Product Reviews

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    Posted by on 24th Apr 2020

    Okay, so I'm not typically the person that buys a candle online after reading a review, HOWEVER, I took a chance since I trust Into the Gloss SO much, and thank GOD I DID. This is ABSOLUTELY my new favorite candle, BY FAR. I typically love very warm, sweet and woodsly smells (think Diptique Vanille and Feu du Bois, Byredo Biblioteque, Maison Louie Marie No. 4, Le Labo Santal 26 and Plao Santo 34) and I just completely fell head over heels for Galaxie, it's beautiful calming soft scent and the vibe it leaves in the house!! Only complaint is I WISH it came in a larger size since I want to burn it all day every day!! So impressed. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!

  2. Surreal and Sweet 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Mar 2019

    First off, I am so impressed with the branding of this candle--truly feels like I'm spending my money on an immersive, beautiful experience. The scent itself is weirdly addictive, in that I thought it was too sweet at first, but then slowly started noticing other notes as I burned through the candle, to the point that I'm getting separation anxiety as I burn through the last of it. It is very pungent; I leave it open and let the scent waft through my bedroom, or light it for a few minutes if I want a change in the atmosphere. All in all, an absolutely delightful 15 hours in the Galaxie.

  3. demented rose 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Mar 2019

    Got this and Grand Tour as a birthday gift for myself after smelling it briefly in a shop. Five stars for uniqueness and strenght but I guess I have to give four stars for personal preference as its a bit sweet for me after more prolonged use. It's not even that sweet I just really avoid anything with any type of sweetness so this is a step away. This has a sugar note that almost reminds me of when wood gets sawed, like a burnt sugar rose. Very nice for bedroom though, because it has this dreamy coziness to it, I haven't been burning it much, just leaving the lid off at my bedside and that's enough for me. Curious about the other candle scents now!

  4. special 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Apr 2018

    Price is right for such a beautiful object. Smaller than I thought when I opened the box, but after a few days, I'm realizing that it has plenty of scent wafting powers without burning it. I leave it with its lid off on my bedroom vanity and the whole room feels special when I open the door and smell it. Love this.


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