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Depending on your habits, favorite grooming products, and even the weather, your unaltered daily smell will have certain characteristics. These lifestyle variables can help you to choose your best, most harmonious fragrance type.

If you use fresh-scented laundry detergent:

Many laundry detergents are scented heavily with lavender, citrus, and musks. If you use fresh-scent laundry products, we recommend Lartigue, which will work with, not against, the scent profile of many detergents and fabric softeners.




If you wear natural, non-aluminum deodorants:

Patchouli and wood-based perfumes “grab” onto the scent of human sweat and dress it in additional cleanliness and sensuality. If you are already a die-hard patchouli lover, we recommend Realism. If you’re more of a woody-fragrance user, or a patchouli skeptic, we recommend Grand Tour. 




If you’re a smoker:

We made a fragrance specifically for you. Smokers’ Perfume isn’t meant to cover up the smell of smoke, but to enhance and beautify that lingering scent on clothing, hair, and skin. In fact, there is no perfume that can truly cover the smell of smoke, and often the clash between a fresh perfume and stale smoke is worse than the smoke alone. Smokers’ Perfume “completes” the smell of cigarette smoke, using it to create a finished fragrance that is the sum of the two parts. It is the only fragrance of its kind. 




You fly often:

The scent of a plane clings stubbornly to clothes, and can smell of bad coffee, stale sweat, and jet fuel. Before running to that meeting right off the plane while still feeling like you’ve *almost* had a shower, try a single spritz of Grand Tour on your clothing, and one dab on the nape of your neck. 




You live in a hot climate or you’re spending time in hot weather: 

Lartigue and Dauphine excel in this arena. The scent of nighttime sweat that dries once, and the smell of hot-day, constant perspiration have different scent profiles. For a day-time, continual sweat, the best fragrances bind to salty notes and project something better and fresher without going stale. The hotter you get, the more “active” Lartigue and Dauphine become, and the more you sweat, the more they’ll clean you up.

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