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New Complete Sample Collection



Six convenient mini sprays in a reusable frosty zip pouch, with fragrance information booklet and six tester cards.


DauphineDivinely innocent, incandescently pretty.


LartigueA precious bottle of sun, swim, and sail.


Grand TourSport, spirit, and straight-out polish.


RealismA green tableau in four dimensions.


Silent FilmsA fragrance in black and white.


JackalMad, bad, and dangerous to know.


Smokers' Perfume: (Optional addition to sample pack): Apply after smoking to beautify and complete, not cover, the smell of cigarette smoke.


Learn more about these six Goest Perfumes fragrances at


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  1. lovely 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Aug 2017

    The packaging looked different when I bought it last month! I've been living with the different scents for a while now, and concluded that Dauphine, Latrigue and Grand Tour are all equally essential. Fresh, living, sophisticated, sexy. Thank you!

  2. Intriguing 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Jul 2017

    The arrival of the sample set was a treat: beautifully wrapped tiny treasures. I like that the Goest gives the opportunity for people to experience perfumes at the privacy of their own homes. Each perfume has it's own story. It felt like an invitation to use imagination, senses and intuition, and create my own story for each one. Lartigue was on the internet's list of the perfumes for the sensitive noses and it was the first one I sniffed. I liked the aroma immediately. Few minutes after applying it on my wrist, the thought came that I would of like it on my young boyfriend if I had one, and if I was young. Than the aroma turned into something very familiar and comforting from the past, and I realized that it reminded me of my dad who had a young spirit all his life. Lots of reviews praised Dauphine and I tried it next. I couldn't understand the aroma, felt confused after sniffing it. Decided to apply on my skin, but very shortly I was on the verge of being nauseous. I realized that if it was some ingredient that I am sensitive to, I would of felt nauseous, but it is about what wearing this perfume represents to me. It is only in my head. O, well. Realism was the next one. Very strong. Amazing. But I couldn't handle it. Grand tour. Wow. Felt so good at first. Smelled so good. Masculine. I thought that I would of loved this aroma on the man I love and understood what attracted me to my husband. After few minutes of applying it, the heat started to radiate from the spot on my arm and all my body became overheated. Pulse started racing. I waited for this strong sensation to pass and couldn't move. Than I felt better, I remembered something about spiciness in this perfume's description. Next was Jackal. Before I bought the sample set, I read people's reviews and the description of each fragrance. I was 100% sure that I will really hate the Jackal. To the creator of this perfume: Thank you! I sniffed it and smelled the chocolate, and something else that I couldn't recognize. It was intriguing to me. I wanted to find out what it was. I, also, thought, " Why, on earth, would I want to smell like chocolate?". The whole idea seemed very strange to me. The aroma of chocolate felt innocent enough to apply on my skin. I was watching tv at the time and, at some point, caught the waft of the perfume, and it was the scent of the rich exquisite one kind of chocolate. I was astonished to realize that Jackal opened it's heart to me. It lured me in, it chose me to wear it. The Silent Films was the last perfume I tried. It was morning, I came from the gym, was checking my emails. I liked the smell of the perfume, applied it. Fifteen minutes later, I found myself listening to Chopin music on youtube. What the...? The last time I listened to classical music was more than 30 years ago. This perfume felt and smelled so sensual, and seductive. I loved it. I needed to go outside for a few minutes and thought that it would be funny if I met some guy who will be seduced by this perfume. What do you know, I met my neighbor who has been my admirer for many years. No, no, no. Not my intention. It wasn't easy to remove this perfume from my skin. I purred vodka, soap, wine, soap, but aroma seemed so strong, so wonderful. I needed to take a second shower that morning. I applied the Jackal again, but it wasn't happy, felt like I betrayed it. I thought I was doomed. I thought I ruined my relationship with Jackal, but few hours later the new aroma emerged from my skin, even better that before. I was so calm and relaxed for two days that followed. I needed to drive to the airport at night and ,usually, I feel overwhelmed with anxiety. Not this time. Some people mentioned patchouli. Maybe it is the secret ingredient that lured me in. Jackal calms me down. I feel relaxed and confident. I feel just being myself. I like that I don't smell this perfume all the time on myself, only get waft of it ones in the while and it stays on my skin for hours. Some people say that this brand is expensive. I, actually, like that not everyone can afford it. I like the fact that I can't afford everything at this moment in my life. There is something to hope and dream about. Each perfume feels like a good quality perfume. I will send the rest of my samples to my daughter and her fiance. If they like it, they will get their chosen perfumes as the birthday's presents from me.

  3. Awesome!! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jul 2017

    The smells are wonderful. Only reason why I gave 4 is because I HATE the package/container. I spilt an entire one the first time I opened it because it so hard to open. Very sad, it smelt so good. Hands down, if package was changed would be 5 star.

  4. Loving these scents! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st May 2017

    Loving everything about goest so far. The scents are all interesting, unique, beautiful, clean. Love the packaging, the branding, the concepts behind the fragrances. So far Dauphine might be my favorite but still testing them all out and really enjoying the different moods and vibes each scent evokes. I would love to get the smaller bottle sizes in atomizer style.... maybe some day!

  5. loved some of these 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Apr 2017

    Jealously guarding my tiny vial of dauphine the most beautiful scent ever. It smells just like the description, Marie Antoinette's soap would have smelled just like this.

  6. review 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Mar 2017

    My boyfriend was like ??? when I gifted him colognes from a place he'd never heard of but now he is wearing Silent Films everyday and it smells amazing on him. Thank you for upping his game!! Sharp dressed man.

  7. very beautiful 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Dec 2016

    they do not ship to russia, and I wanted to try these perfumes for almost a year. now I am in new york this month I had them delivered to my hotel. dauphine is very beautiful. some of the perfumes are masculine, but to me think the quality is exceptional.

  8. worth it 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Nov 2016

    top to bottom amazing quality. packaging is a knockout, this doesn't need to be gift wrapped. you can tell these are put together by hand. grand tour is worn daily this week.

  9. Wow 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Sep 2016

    First, delivery was prompt and packaging was as expected. Now, the scents..... Wow! Every perfume has been filled with wonderful surprises as they change thru the day. My initial interest was in silent films that i sampled in a store which then drew me to this website where I found this sample set.. Let me say I am hooked on these and to my surprise, my favorite is dauphine! I can't say enough about all of these, you just have to try them for yourself!

  10. real mix 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Sep 2016

    a few of these are...omg. I'm not a florals person so I dim't thing dauphine was going to be interesting to me but I'm obsessed. omg this scent. grand tour is also the person I aspire to be whenever I feel like being my best self. so sexy and refined and perfect. Those two are fives and lartigue is really really good too, still deciding if it's "me", I haven't been reaching for it as much. but then jackal to me is a 2, really dark and not my thing, and realism is way too patchouli to me so that's another meh, but the ones I like are stellar so I give the whole set a 4. already panicking about which of the favorites I need the most...

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