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Go up and smell a live flower or blossom in nature, and, smelling that flower, you will smell hundreds of different molecules. Certain molecules are characteristic of roses, others of jasmine. Although all flowers have their own unique scent composition as a whole, nearly all living-flower scent profiles share a certain set of molecules in common within their overall fragrance no matter the species, continent, or cultivar. This group of molecules, which we could call a scent signature, is a sort of “life-blend” that is given out in nature by living flowering things and nothing else. It says to us, concretely: “here something blooms”.


We recognize this signature intuitively, primordially; and we are not the only animals to recognize it. In nature this scent signature never appears alone; it always appears surrounded by other molecules and is semi-hidden within the larger identity of this flower, or that blossom. But here it is, this statement from nature, presented alone for the first time; this is what is in your bottle of “Protoflora”.


Each bottle of Protoflora contains a set of molecules that are a sort of Platonic, universalist floralcy; an existential pre-condition for all of our individual senses of the floral experience that we have throughout our lives. Protoflora is not a floral “bouquet”, or a combination of many specific flowers. Instead, Protoflora is a flower without any specific flower in it.





As mentioned, humans can recognize the scent signature of many different essential things as an intuitive, ancient, biological matter. Everybody knows the smell of smoke from far away, everybody knows the smell of impending rain. Protoflora uses that primordial knowing within you (possessed by all humans no matter their continent, language, or environment) as the virtual projection-device itself. To spray Protoflora is to render, within yourself, the feeling of “knowing” that living flowers are nearby. Though your intellect may say there aren’t any, your body will say that there are.





By adding this transparent, accurate “floral signature” molecule profile on top of any existing real object, Protoflora has the power to manifest, if only temporarily, that real object in a “floral” state - as if it was somehow, for a while, a living, blooming, biological flower. (Even when sprayed on your own body.) Some suggested experiments: 


  • Transform any average floral perfume or fragrance oil with added lifelike effects by layering with Protoflora.

  • Add a few drops to a bath or shower to give the effect of bathing outdoors in spring or summer.

  • Spray on a plane or on public transit to surprise yourself with an anachronistic sensation. 

  • Spray on any piece of fruit, vegetable, or herb to create a magical plant-based-scent-experience on the spot (recommended: stem-on tomatoes or the skin of Honeycrisp apples) (don’t eat Protoflora).


laboratory trials pre-olfactory testing




At this time, Protoflora has been produced in a number of just 150 bottles for private distribution, and is not for sale. If you would be interested in buying or trying Protoflora in the future, we may consider it depending on interest. If you would like to put your name and contact information down and reserve the right to buy one of the bottles of any potential next productions, please go to this form and input your name and email, or simply fill it out below and click "submit".